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We are a provider of information capture and management automation solutions for both business and government. Our mission is to help organizations automate their business processes. From automating manual processes (paper handling) to helping create an entirely digital organization where work is created, managed, and fully utilized in the digital universe, our team is here to help. We can create an onpremise solution, a cloud solution, or both. Then we can help you take that information and get more from it by lowering the cost of acquisition and expanding the benefits of acquisition through better data analytics and reporting.


Global Reseller

PaperFree is a recognized Global Reseller for leading OEM providers of automation hardware and software. As your business partner, we will ensure you are able to procure best in class products, at the very best pricing, and with the best warranties and assurance of meeting your project deliverables. Reselling technology is more than just being a middle man in a simple procurement process. For PaperFree it means having much needed subject matter expertise around the products we choose to resell to our customers. It means maintaining our commitment each year to keep our staff fully certified where applicable. It means having a full service support team on call 24/7 always ready to assist with the employment and maintenance of those products in an effort to ensure our customers are always successful in their technology endeavors each and every day.


System Integrator

Most every enterprise is a culmination of years of IT purchases which often include different systems, platforms, and applications from various OEM providers. Finding the right information capture and management solution can be a challenge and PaperFree is here to help with that endeavor. We work with OEM's to come up with the most options for integrating your systems together in a seamless and manageable way. Having the privilege of serving hundreds of clients that represent dozens of industries, we bring a myriad of best practices and proven approaches to every solution we create.


Application Developer

Reselling and integrating various technology products often results with the discovery of real opportunity to consider additional application enhancement. The OEM's we partner with expect that from us and often provide us with full access to their platforms for the purpose of creating much needed third party enhancement applications, product toolkits, and other custom applications that add value to the solutions we implement. Sometimes these applications are easily impactful among many of our clients and are often productized and packaged as commercial off the shelf solutions backed not only by us but our OEM partners in most cases.

PaperFree is your full-service ECM Provider

PaperFree has the knowhow to help you with all your Enterprise Information Management needs from scanning, capturing, content management, collaboration, and overall workplace productivity. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.

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