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Processing checks in-house today? Utilizing expensive Lockbox services? There is a better option.

check remittance iconCheck processing is handled in a variety of ways, all of which typically involving significant amounts of manual intervention, repetitive handling, cumbersome research, and multiple quality checks to offset unavoidable human errors. Many enterprises handle this painstaking process themselves or resort to the high costs of outsourcing it to their bank or other lockbox service. PaperFree can provide a better means to resolve this common issue. Through the use of advanced capture technologies and the employment of Check21 depositing, an automated solution can now be implemented that will provide you with the efficiency and cost savings you need to be successful. Want to learn more about how we can help you process your incoming checks faster, more accurately, and for less?  Give us a call today.


Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined – no need to separate payments into their own workflow.
  • Process structured and unstructured documents – quick and automatic recognition.
  • Clear payments in-house – no need for expensive lockbox services or removing checks from your premises.
  • Multiple payments – PaperFree solutions can identify and process multiple transactions with one check to cover them all.

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PaperFree is happy to discuss how this solution and others can can improve your company's information capture and management workflow.

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