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PaperFree helps customers get free of the burdens often associated with effectively utilizing their content throughout the enterprise. This can be anything from dealing with high volumes of incoming paper like a mailroom to figuring out how to best manage the growing amount of digital content entering an organization as well as being created from within an organization.

PaperFree Solves Scanning Problems


We work with the leading providers of scanning hardware and software to help our customers jettison the burdens associated with handling paper from their mailrooms, copy rooms, filing cabinets or from the desks of their knowledge workers. Thanks to advances in technology, scanning can entail much more than just taking a digital ‘photocopy’ of the paper document, it can also include classifying and intelligently indexing what is being scanned through the use of some of the newest intelligent document recognition technologies (IDR). In addition, capturing important data found anywhere on those scanned documents is now possible through the use of advanced recognition technologies (ICR|OCR|OMR). Whether it be in one central location or an enterprise with many locations, we have the solution expertise to help make the costly burden associated with paper a thing of the past.

PaperFree Solves Capture Problems


Content comes into the enterprise from a variety of sources beyond just the mailroom. It can come in from faxes, emails, web, mobile devices as well as being created from within the enterprise by knowledgeworkers. With so many sources of content coming into today’s enterprise, it is becoming more and more challenging for organizations to ensure information is correctly received, delivered, processed, and equally important - protected correctly. We can help bring a manageable, unified solution to all things captured and created to ensure information and content is being managed and utilized the best possible way every time.

PaperFree Solves Information Management Problems


With business information being created and captured at record levels and the timeline of being able to captialize on the use of that information effectively getting shorter and shorter, the need to manage that information better is now considered a business essential. Enterprise Content Management is far more than just the storage and retrieval of digital content from a single source with a single purpose, it is the enablement of content from any source to become a dynamic work product that travels throughout the enterprise with precision and purpose. Knowledgeworkers can do more, can do it faster, and can do it better when the right tools are employed in your organization. As more emphasis is placed on creating a much more expansive digital workplace, the need for better controls and auditing capabilities also are being created as a result of this ever evolving information age. Having the right kind of backbone for ECM in your organization makes this possible and enables your IT staff to feel confident in deploying the solution to the entire user community. The amount of content being created and managed is growing at a much faster rate than ever before. With the right solution in place enabling and promoting that growth in your enterprise will create the success your organization is looking for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

PaperFree allows you to do more


With technology change happening around us daily and customer demands becoming more and more complex, how do organizations stay one step ahead? PaperFree works with customers before, during, and after technology adoption to ensure that the digital workplace is one that is constantly being considered, updated, and relevant. From the cloud to the use of mobile to the workplace of tomorrow unimagined, PaperFree can be a trusted partner to help organizations navigate successfully through the information age for years to come.

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PaperFree has the knowhow to help you with all your Enterprise Information Management needs from scanning, capturing, content management, collaboration, and overall workplace productivity. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.

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