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We bring expertise to both business and government to help them automate their business processes. From manual processes (paper handling) to helping them create an entirely digital organization where work is created, managed, and fully utilized in the digital universe. We can help create an on-premise solution, a cloud solution, or both. Then take that information and get more from it by lowering the cost of acquisition and expanding the benefits of acquistion through better data analytics and reporting.



Managing incoming mail, faxes, or other paper generated within the organization can be a challenge for departments and the enterprise as a whole. PaperFree has the experience and tools to help customers capture information from paper and reduce costs associated with that. Whether you are considering how to scan content going forward, looking at a large backfile conversion of stored documents, or both - we have the expertise and resources to ensure your project's success.



Scanning paper is an important first step, however, information enters the enterprise through various means in addition to paper - electronic faxes, email, web, as well as digital content created from within your enterprise. Having the means to capture information from any potential source enables your business to work better and more efficiently. PaperFree focuses on information capture from all potential sources and provides the means to manage that information the way you want.



With business information being captured now at record levels and the timeline of being able to capitalize on the use of that information effectively getting shorter and shorter, the need to manage that information better is now a business essential. Content Management is far more than just the storage and retrieval of digital content from a single source with a single purpose, it is the enablement of content from any source to become a dynamic work product that travels throughout your enterprise with precision and purpose. Your workforce can do more, can do it faster, and can do it better when the right tools are employed in your organization.



With technology change happening around us daily and customer demands becoming more and more complex, how do you stay one step ahead? PaperFree works with customers before, during, and after technology adoption to ensure that the digital workplace is one that is constantly being considered, updated, and relevant. From the cloud to the use of mobile to the workplace of tomorrow unimagined, PaperFree can be your trusted partner to help your organization navigate successfully through the information age for years to come.

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PaperFree has the knowhow to help you with all your Enterprise Information Management needs from scanning, capturing, content management, collaboration, and overall workplace productivity. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.

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