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Kofax Analytics for Capture

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Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics have been a hot topic in IT because they are a solution that will effectively spot issues and can predict and improve business processes quickly and effectively.  But how does this apply your capture processes? What about unstructured data?  How can you get real-time information on your capture system's operational performance and costs? Can you identify capture bottlenecks and make decisions quickly to correct the problem now and in the future?

Kofax Analytics for Capture is built and designed to integrate, navigate, and slice and dice capture operational information with the click of a button. Kofax Analytics for Capture leverages your existing Kofax Capture and KTM product investments saving you time and money. Kofax Analytics for Capture is the combination of best-of-breed BI/Analytics technology tightly integrated with the Kofax Capture & KTM products, and includes pre-built capture dashboards.

PaperFree is a Kofax certified partner and is able to support you with demonstrations, pricing, training, support, and implementation and will help your enterprise to become a more customer responsive organization while meeting business critical customer KPI’s.  PaperFree has helped leading organizations automate costly manual capture processes with innovation and has extensive experience in integrating systems with leading scanning technologies, MFPs, and mobile devices that gives you a head start in winning the battle for the customer.

Kofax and PaperFree offer many ways to benefit your organization:

  • Spot low-confidence fields that cause manual corrections
  • Leverage existing Kofax Capture and KTM products
  • Identify Capture bottlenecks with the click of a button.
  • Real-time data analysis with the ability to share findings easily
  • Industry best practices for Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Predict, forecast and recommend for better resource planning
  • Help you deliver on Customer SLA’s
  • And much more...

Kofax Total Agility

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Organizations face new challenges in meeting the expectations of today’s customers. The backbone “systems of record” that run most businesses were not designed to provide the high level of interactive self-service, speed, mobility, awareness, collaboration and adaptability necessary to successfully engage today’s always-connected, fast- moving customer. To stay competitive, organizations must now engage their customers in the manner they prefer.

Kofax TotalAgility® enables organizations to meet these challenges by providing an essential link between enterprise applications and repositories and “systems of engagement” – the ways customers connect with organizations, including the preferred mobile, SMS, internet portal, email, web and social channels, as well as fax and paper-based communications. TotalAgility is a unified, enterprise-scale software platform that dramatically transforms and simplifies high-priority, information-intensive interactions with customers, providers or partners —interactions like new customer onboarding, claims processing, patient experience, student transcript processing and citizen services. The result is sustainable competitive advantage, continually reduced operating costs and satisfied, loyal customers.

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