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Custom Enterprise Software Training

captiva documentum applicationxtender mfiles training paperfreeEach of our clients has different needs and goals for their business. Some of our clients prefer to be on a track towards expertise in the products we provide them in an effort to be self-sustaining and other clients are on the other end of the spectrum and prefer to remain focused on their core business and therefore rely on business partners to continue to support, customize, and update their systems. Certainly, there are many that fall somewhere in the middle. As an OpenText Certified Training Partner, PaperFree has staff and the experience to build a training program for all points on the spectrum with off the shelf training assistance or completely customized training programs.

Training Customized for You

We customize every training for our clients - whether it's teaching you to troubleshoot your own system or learning to use a system for the very first time - we can fine tune it specifically to your needs with our experience and flexibility.  PaperFree provides instruction for a variety of OpenText solutions as well as solutions from other providers, such as:

OpenText Captiva
OpenText Documentum
OpenText ApplicationXtender
Kofax Capture
And many others

In addition, we can also customize how we provide instruction.  Large or small, we offer instruction via:

Custom Documentation
Web Conferencing
In Person Instruction

Commitment to Providing the Very Best

Our expertise in teaching enterprises to become experts in their systems comes from years of in-house experience with OpenText products and our responsibility to be the very best subject matter experts is essential to maintaining our reputation as the best in the business.  As a result, we have developed robust resources and certification programs for our own staff throughout the year, and continuously update it as technology changes. This attention to detail helps us to provide the most efficient and effective training possible for our clients.

Effective, inexpensive, and enjoyable training is now well within reach for your staff. Please contact us to speak to a representative today about the many options available to meet your needs.

Want to Learn More?

PaperFree is happy to discuss how our services can improve your company's information capture and management workflow.

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