Intelligently gather performance data about your workflow and make educated business decisions.


Kofax solutions allow you a closer look at the trends and statistics of your data.  Learn more about Kofax.


Application Retirement

Application retirement solutions from PaperFree help you transition your data and archives from expensive, antiquated systems to state of the art content management solutions.


Eliminate your slow, expensive legacy systems with InfoArchive.  InfoArchive is a utility that converts legacy enterprise data into a format that can be imported into new systems, allowing you to take advantage of new technologies and storage architectures.  Learn more about InfoArchive.


Content Management & Collaboration

Content management products serve to organize and categorize information, execute customizable workflows, and grant easy, customizable access to information for users.


Alfresco is a scalable document management solution for enterprises who need efficiency and flexibility.  Learn more about Alfresco.


Organize your data into customizable workflows with fast and easy access across your enterprise.  Learn more about ApplicationXtender.


Documentum is the market-leading enterprise content management solution that offers easy document lookup, collaboration, and security.  Learn more about Documentum.


Store, connect, collaborate, and manage all of your business documents intelligently and safely with the powerful M-Files solution.  Learn more about M-Files.


Learn how SharePoint can be utilized as an information and collaboration powerhouse for your enterprise.  Learn more about SharePoint.


Data Capture

Data capture products focus on the inflow of data from a variety of sources: paper, email, fax, online, and more. Their role is to locate, extract, and identify data that is relevant and important to your enterprise and make it useful and ready to process in content management systems.


Captiva is the market leader in enterprise information capture software.  Capture enables you to capture data from a variety of sources, identify it, and then deliver it to backend systems for further processing and workflows.  Learn more about Captiva.  PaperFree is also your Captiva 7.7 Upgrade partner!


Organize your data into customizable workflows with fast and easy access across your enterprise.  Learn more about ApplicationXtender.


Enhancement Products

PaperFree has developed a line of Enhancement Products that integrate or work alongside capture systems and workflows to expand capabilities and reduce manual processing.


Protect sensitive documents with top of the line image redaction methods. Available in an attended platform or a platform that integrates into a capture workflow and automatically redacts configured data. Redactions are "burned" into the image for the utmost of security that cannot be circumvented.  Learn more about BlackMark+.


Monitor your capture system's production status, operator statistics, receive administrative alerts, and more with Clarity.  Clarity works with popular business applications - Captiva, Documentum, and SharePoint - and offers an intuitive and customizable user interface that provides extensive visibility into your system.  Learn more about Clarity.


Add inline and automatic check payment recognition, processing, and payment to your capture system with DepositCritical.  Learn more about DepositCritical.



Applications to make the most of your business' time.


Leap offers a variety of business-centric applications to improve collaboration and productivity.  Learn more about LEAP.



PaperFree partners with scanning solution manufacturers to deliver complete data capture solutions.


Opex manufacturers scanning solutions that pair perfectly with PaperFree's capture solutions.  Learn more about Opex.



Improve the power and reliability of your capture system with a solid storage solution from PaperFree.

Dell EMC Storage Solutions

PaperFree offers the full line of Dell EMC storage solutions for your enterprise.  Learn more about Dell EMC Storage Solutions.


User Experience

User experience products improve the usability of certain systems, allowing for customization of workspaces without coding.

D2 | xCP

D2 | xCP is a utility that allows for customization of OpenText Documentum user interfaces and adds usability features without the need for custom code.  Learn more about D2 | xCP.