unstructured-semi-structured-structured-example.pngOrganizations of all sizes are grappling with the volume and acceleration of unstructured content. How we manage content, in its many forms - documents, images, videos, blogs, instant messages, and data forms has never been more challenging. New content types are always emerging, as are the ways of working - increasingly distributed, virtual, and remote.  In addition to increasing regulations this can make the task overwhelming. Beyond these challenges, however, is the opportunity to leverage unstructured content to transform your business. The Documentum content management platform is the foundation on which content centric applications and solutions are built - from collaborating on business documents, to delivering case based applications, to managing highly precise processes in most regulated business environments. The Documentum Platform provides the foundation for making content collaboration easy, establishing a secure, trusted repository of record built on trust and security while also making IT more productive. To learn more about how PaperFree can employ Documentum in your organization, please give us a call today.

User Experience

  • Documentum D2 Simplify your document lifecycle management and enhance your user experience.
  • Documentum Mobile Gain mobile access, browse rich media, participate in business processes, and collaborate while on the go.
  • My Documentum Empower information access through familiar applications to leverage enterprise content management services.
  • Documentum Webtop Gain quick access to information of all types and expose the full range of Documentum services.


  • Documentum Platform Organize, control, and access vital enterprise content.
  • Documentum Interactive Delivery Services (IDS) Automate the export of content and metadata from Documentum Content Server to a cached repository, and manage the web cache environment.
  • Documentum Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Facilitate the transfer of complex project documentation from construction to operations with the Documentum Handover and Commissioning solution.
  • Documentum Services for SAP Archive SAP data and integrate advanced content and process management into SAP business applications.
  • Digital Asset Management Streamline access and management of digital media such as videos, images, PowerPoint, and Flash.
  • Web Content Management Understand which content matters to your audiences and deliver optimal and personable digital experiences.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized storage – documents and other information are stored in one location for easy maintenance and access.
  • Fast access – access digital information quickly and group related documents.
  • Taxonomies – classify documents for easier lookup.
  • Secure – set permissions so that only certain groups can access information.
  • Save money – with only one repository to manage there are no costs to maintain paper files.