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System Monitoring

Want better control over your OpenText Captiva, Documentum, or Microsoft Sharepoint platforms?

System Monitoring IconSystem monitors come in all shapes and sizes, but monitors on the market often require adaptation to be used with the various products they are meant to monitor.  PaperFree knows this challenge and has developed solutions to better monitor and manage your capture workflow.  Using configurable workspaces and comprehensive tools, your system will benefit from better insights, increased throughput, and less downtime.

Operations managers benefit from detailed information including productivity statistics by user and thorough data on each batch run, and administrators are able to manage more effectively with configurable error warnings and automatic server restarts.  Our systems integrate with Captiva, Documentum, and SharePoint systems for seamless functionality and provide comprehensive tools for both operations and administrative users.

Our system monitoring solutions provide the visibility, control, and proactive capabilities that both IT and Business users need to be successful. To learn more about how we can bring the kind of monitoring and administrative assistance you desire to your critical systems, give us a call today.

Key Benefits

  • Complete information about your capture system – monitor all important parameters and reports them in an easy-to-use interface.
  • Proactive – the system can be set to automatically resolve server issues or to notify appropriate managers.
  • Anticipate future work – easily view historical data to better plan staffing and equipment needs.
  • Intuitive interface – customizable dashboard where information is presented in collapsible, rearrangable widgets.

Want to Learn More?

PaperFree is happy to discuss how this solution and others can can improve your company's information capture and management workflow.

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