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Customer Care Programs

customer care iconUtility companies provide all kinds of services to a city's residents - gas and electricity for powering technology, appliances, and climate control systems and clean, safe water that is essential for healthy communities.  However, utility companies often have a need to offer a variety of customized Customer Care Programs to better serve the needs of certain customers such as rate reduction programs, pricing incentives, and repair/replacement campaigns.  These programs offer a tangible benefit to the community, but at the same time come with significant overhead in managing the application process, approval, and maintenance aspects of offering the specialized services these programs entail.  PaperFree offers solutions that support these programs from application processing all the way to managing customer profiles and services, all while managing the costs and labor necessary.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end management – Integrate all key processes, from receipt and approval to archiving and auditing—and provide complete visibility into the entire process.
  • Control and compliance – Meet and retain compliance with government and company policies.
  • Streamlined work – Provide users with a streamlined user interface that offers seamless integration between data and full views of all supporting documentation.
  • Elimination of paper storage – Eliminate the need for costly physical document storage—digitize all documents and take advantage of records retention and and electronic storage capabilities.

How does it work?

The first step customers must take to access a special program is to apply and PaperFree eases this process with powerful information capture solutions.  With these systems, paper forms can be scanned, digitized, and the recognized data fed into a backend system for further processing.  These systems remove the need for most manual data entry - saving you time, errors, and allowing you to expedite the application process for your customers, especially when the application is for a government program such as CARE and FERA.  Or, applicants can apply online and that data is automatically fed into the system.  Once the application information has been collected, it is put to work by a flexible content management solution.  These solutions manage your data digitally in one central location, allowing you to connect related information, distribute it to workers, and process multi-step functions with customizable workflows.  These workflows ease the burden as well - the work does not advance to the next step until all previous requirements have been completed, eliminating errors, misrouted applications, and last minute headaches.  Your data is also secure: information can only be accessed by workers with permission to do so and the need for paper storage is eliminated.

ECM Process for Customer Care

With PaperFree, enterprises can create and manage any number of programs; payment reduction programs for low income households, pricing incentives for energy-efficient upgrades, and inspection and repair campaigns to help customers reduce their burden on the grid.  Information capture and content management systems are an essential tool for Customer Care Programs to manage the application and approval process start to finish, and to also serve as a central repository for ongoing information relating to customers and the projects they are enrolled in.  To find out more about how we can help your Customer Care Program streamline and advance, give us a call today.

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