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enhancement products iconCommercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software solutions often require a degree of customization or enhancement in order for them to truly become a great fit within an organization's process. PaperFree works closely with leading providers of information capture and management solutions to create useful system enhancements, either as one-off creations for a specific customer, as resellable enhancement products, or as toolkits where customers can benefit from economies of scale.  These products serve to expand functionality of our core products or add in further automation for a more seamless workflow for our clients.  Learn more about our products below:


Protect sensitive and confidential information quickly and easily with PaperFree's redaction solutions. PaperFree leads the way with both manual and automated redaction solutions for business and governments. Whether you are looking for a simple desktop solution, or a fully-automated redaction solution, PaperFree has the right products for your organization. Visit BlackMark to learn more.


ClaimsPAK+ for Captiva is a robust data capture tool that can ingest complicated medical forms, automatically classify medical claims from attachments or other support documents, and extract that key business critical information through the use of advanced IDR|OCR|ICR|OMR technology. Visit ClaimsPAK+ to learn more.


Clarity is a system monitoring tool built especially for Captiva systems.  It monitors the functionality of your environment, status of workers, and also offers the ability to automatically resolve system errors. Visit Clarity to learn more.


DepositCritical is an advanced automated payment processing utility that captures check information inline with other scanned documents and then presents the item for payment while adhering to Check21 standards. Financial instruments never leave your premises, reducing the cost and dependence on a lockbox service! Visit DepositCritical to learn more.

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