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How can Enterprise Content Management solutions help your electronics and manufacturing workflow?

Electronics manufacturing enterprise content management workflow ecmTech and manufacturing companies create immense amounts of content - product designs, patents, legal documents, factory reports, and more - and this is all content that must be managed, organized, and accessible by workers. More and more, workers at these companies need information and they need it fast - productivity depends on how quickly they can get the information that they need.  And, managing such a large variety of information presents its own problems - how is a company to manage their business information, protect their intellectual property, and conform to regulatory standards effectively and economically?

PaperFree offers a suite of powerful content management solutions designed to handle these paper burdens; smart capture products to scan and digitize information, repositories to process and store data, as well as add-on solutions to expand the capabilities of these systems.

How does it work?

Electronics Manufacturing

The process of enterprise content management for electronics and manufacturing enterprises is straightforward in concept.  Paper-based information (such as product designs, intellectual property documentation, and more) is collected at the first point of contact and scanned into the system.  There, industry-leading capture solutions ingest and interpret the data against established rules and templates, quickly returning accurately digitized data that can be exported to a processing workflow.  Those workflows, customized for your individual enterprise, can handle any of a number of tasks automatically; accounts payable, manage vendor data, or even update project files.  In many cases they also link documents together, so all information relating to an invoice or a design file are available together, without the need to search through endless folders.  Operators are only required to step in when there's a workflow exception or a step is designed to require approval, significantly speeding up the process from paper document to usable data.  Once those workflows are complete, the data is stored for easy later lookup by those with established permissions to do so.  

Though enterprise content management is simple in concept, it's much more complicated in execution.  That's why a trusted, experienced partner like PaperFree is your guide for how to maximize the functionality and economies of your content management system.  Contact us to learn more about how we can revolutionize your organization's data processes.

Information Capture & Management

PaperFree is a proven integrator of scalable, flexible enterprise information capture and management solutions that enable your enterprise to leverage business information to power your processes.  By converting all of your paper data to digital information, you can more effectively organize, share, and utilize it.  Be it collaborating on business documents, delivering case-based applications, to managing highly precise processes in most regulated business environments, PaperFree provides powerful tools to manage your information.

PaperFree offers a variety of utilities that store your enterprise data in one central, streamlined repository while allowing workers in all areas to access the information they need. Product design files and revisions can be stored together for quick access.  Reports on new products can be protected.  Plant operation information can be filed for review later.  Taxonomies and built-in workflows are also included to enhance the access of information by cross-linking information and allowing quick searches. Permission configurations keep information available to only those who are allowed to see it. And, it’s scalable and administration is simplified.  Visit our Information Capture and Management Solutions page to learn more.

Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable

PaperFree solutions can also revolutionize an organization's accounting processes - now enterprises can receive invoices, digitize them, and populate them into a workflow that is automatically routed to the correct department.  Accounts payable needs are covered as well with powerful utilities such as DepositCritical Check Processing.  By doing this, your enterprise can speed the reconciliation of accounts and reduce the error that comes with handling paper documentation.  Visit our Accounts Payable Solutions and Accounts Receivable Solutions pages to learn more.

Customer Service

With information quick and easy to access, your customers will enjoy faster lookup of their tickets and faster resolution to their customer service needs with fewer hiccups.  Content management systems from PaperFree ensure that documentation for a custom job doesn't go missing and powerful workflow capabilities ensure that no steps are skipped in the design process.  Customers will also enjoy faster answers to their questions, less problems with paperwork, and faster completion of their projects.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Like many other industries, manufacturing organizations are subject to a variety of regulations - EPA, FDA, and product safety regulations are only a few of the standards that they must adhere to.  Enterprise content management systems eases this burden by enabling your industry to maintain accurate, comprehensive reports for regulatory review.  Workflows assist in making sure that no steps are missed in the process and that all of the correct assets are available.  And, documentation for legal cases can be easily organized and reviewed by only those with permission to do so.  Visit our Legal and Administrative Solutions page to learn more.

Member Management

Many companies offer discounts, special offers, and directed advertising to loyal customers, but these programs require management of information too - plans, terms and conditions, applications, member profiles, and more.  PaperFree offers solutions to create, capture data for, and manage such programs to assist you in rewarding and keeping frequent customers.  Visit our Member Management Solutions page to learn more.

Human Resources

Human Resources departments are one of the most paper-heavy departments of an organization.  The paperwork is endless: employee files, benefits forms, disability paperwork, payroll, reports, applications, memos, etc. - this burden can slow down any department.  With data capture and electronic management, these files can be managed and retrieved quickly and easily.  No more lost paperwork or piles of things to file - everything is automatic, streamlined, and accessible by those with proper permissions.  Employees enjoy faster responses to their inquiries as well and the overall process is more streamlined.  Learn more about Human Resources solutions from PaperFree.


blackmark-logo.pngOn occasion, manufacturing companies have documents with sensitive information that must be protected by redaction, such as documentation about an unreleased or scrapped product, or even information to be redacted from a regulatory report.   PaperFree's BlackMark and BlackMark+ redaction solutions offer powerful protection by "burning" the confidential data in the image so that there are no loopholes to access it.  BlackMark is a manual redaction solution that offers a variety of redaction options and annotations, and BlackMark+ offers automated redaction of a variety of configurable document types.  Visit BlackMark automated redaction to learn more.

Our enterprise information capture and management solutions empowers your enterprise to put its data to work for you – reducing costs, time searching for information, and increasing the power of your business information. To learn more about how PaperFree can enable these systems in your organization, please give us a call today.

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