D2 | xCP - For OpenText Documentum

Want to do more with your OpenText Documentum solution? Looking for a way to provide a powerful user interface that is easily configurable? Want more control and flexibility in creating a customized interface on a solid, reliable, and easily developed toolkit?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions than you are in the right place. OpenText has brought the demands of the many in two powerful and easily deployable products with their D2 and xCP add-ons for Documentum.

All the look and feel of a custom dashboard without the custom development

Documentum D2 is the advanced, intuitive, and configurable content-centric client for Documentum that accelerates adoption of ECM applications. Powerful configuration eliminates the need for custom code, yielding rapid deployment and dramatically lower costs for system maintenance. D2 brings the user experience to a whole new level with the addition of an easily configurable yet robust user interface. Provide 'widget' technology to your users and see your adoption rates and overall user satisfaction levels increase significantly. Here are just a few of the great new features:

  • Choice of different types of workspaces from a Workspace Gallery
  • Intuitive widget -based user interface for navigating the repository and interacting with content
  • Switching a widget to full screen mode for better viewing
  • A preview widget with a slideshow feature for multi-page documents and presentations
  • Ability to rearrange or switch widgets to personalize a workspace
  • Using a Google Gadget to bring external content into a workspace
  • Extended properties widget
  • Population of a Microsoft Word template with document metadata
  • Changing the configuration to grant privileges on a workspace to a new user group
  • Repository search
  • Easy navigation from search results to the document location
  • Controlled PDF rendering with embedded metadata, document history, signatures, and watermarks

This scalable addition to the Documentum product family is within reach, give us a call today to learn more about how PaperFree can help you achieve greater results with Documentum.

Completely customizable yet built on a solid foundation with ease of use for developing the solution that is just right for your user community

xCP is setting a new standard in customizable, workflow driven, and easily deployable case management solutions. Any organization requiring more robust workflows and a user interface that meets their specific needs has landed in the right place through the deployment of xCP for Documentum. Just a few of the features that xCP can bring to your development efforts:

  • Consultant Productivity – A 64Bit version of xCP Designer and the streamlined management of application artifacts significantly improves productivity.
  • Designer Usability – Improvements to existing features make the composition of an application more intuitive, and new capabilities extend composition to basic Documentum types such as dm_document and dm_folder.
  • Runtime Enhancements – Expanded drag & drop capabilities and additional runtime features help deliver a user interface that users will love.
  • Enterprise Focus – Support for Internet Explorer 11 and Tivoli Access Manager for Single Sign On expand the list of certifications.
  • 64 Bit Designer – enables composition of larger applications.
  • Drag & drop from Outlook – users can now drag attachments or complete emails into an xCP folder, with the automated extraction of email metadata.
  • Clear Blue theme – an alternative default theme allowing custom styles for more visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Configurable auto-build and on-demand validation – streamlines the experience when making numerous changes to an application.
  • Composition of base artifacts – allows for the composition of user interface elements such as pages and context menus for dm_folder and dm_document types, making it easier to migrate existing Documentum applications.
  • Increased layout options – allow composition of pages with much greater precision as most widgets now support the setting of both width and height.
  • Consistent binding of process outputs – allows any type of single or repeating data to be consumed by any user interface component without restriction.
  • Validation framework – supports the runtime validation of user-entered information against multiple conditions, including the setting of conditionally mandatory fields. A new error display widget can be used to consolidate validation messages from one or more widgets in a single location.
  • Results list widget improvements – full pagination and hit count information and dynamic sorting of results coming from Real-time Queries and Stateless Processes. The columns of a result list can also be hidden dynamically based on conditions.
  • Custom error and success notifications – return meaningful messages to end users, optionally hiding system generated error messages if required.
  • Multi-select context menu actions – increase productivity by allowing users to perform actions such as downloading and editing of multiple documents with a single action.

To learn more about how PaperFree can help you make a robust and reliable yet customizable solution a reality, give us a call today.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable – create your own workspaces from a variety of options.
  • No custom development required – build your custom workspace without the need for custom development.
  • Widget dashboard – easily manage your views with movable, collapsible widgets.