How can PaperFree help increase the security of your sensitive information?

blackmark-logo.pngProtect sensitive and confidential information quickly and easily with PaperFree's redaction solutions.  Our solutions lead the way with both manual and automated redaction platforms, for business, governments, or any industry that needs to securely protect data. Whether you are looking for a simple desktop solution, or a fully-automated redaction solution, our BlackMark line offers powerful redaction for your organization.

What is Redaction?

Electronic redaction is the removal of private and confidential information from electronic documents such as court reports, medical records, tax records, and mortgage loans allowing for such documents to be safely distributed and viewed by audiences not cleared or qualified to see the sensitive data. PaperFree offers two high-end redaction solutions: BlackMark, a manual desktop application, and BlackMark+, a fully-automated redaction solution designed to integrate with Captiva data capture platforms.

Redaction in Action

Any business, corporation or government that handles highly-sensitive and confidential material is in need of a redaction solution. Such organizations include:

  • Healthcare Providers - Sensitive patient information and medical records must be redacted prior to being shared with internal departments and off-site medical branches.
  • Financial/Mortgage Services - Mortgage companies share document bundles and loan documents with third party vendors and must protect private information with redaction.
  • Government Agencies - Government agencies on any level must redact confidential information from the many employees and vendors who access shared documents.
  • Law Firms - Law firms often need to redact important documents such as affidavits, motions, depositions and briefs prior to sharing these documents with the court system or to prevent any information security concerns wtih attorneys traveling to and from court precedings with copies of those sensitive documents in hand.
  • Court Systems - Court systems are required to make certain records (marriage/death certificates, court documents, etc.) publicly available, all which contain private information that must be redacted.
  • HR Departments - Onboarding of employees typically requires a signficant amount of paperwork that is full of sensitive information. In larger organizations there may be several individuals that may need access and with varying degrees of security. Redaction help provide multiple copies of the same document with different that can be accessed accordigly depending on the user's need and security level.

How does it work?

PaperFree offers two approaches of redaction - a manual version called BlackMark, and a fully automated version called BlackMark+.  BlackMark™ is a stand-alone software application that allows a user to import images either directly from a desktop scanner or from a file or folder. Once the images are imported, an operator can then manually redact the document using the provided toolkits and then save both the original image and the 'burned' redacted image. This is an ideal solution for customers who are not dealing with high volumes of documents to redact on a daily basis but have an occasional need to redact documents during the work week.

blackmark workflow

BlackMark+™ is a fully automated redaction solution that works with OpenText's Captiva intelligent capture platform. This allows the Captiva solution to provide full-featured import, classification, extraction, and redaction to automatically redact information from anywhere on documents. 'Free form' capability allows the ability to define the data element you are looking for (SSN, Credit Card#, Account#, etc.) and then search through all incoming documents automatically to search out, find, and then automatically redact that information. This is ideal for customers who are dealing with high volumes of incoming documents that need to be redacted. To learn more about how PaperFree can help secure your documents give us a call today.

BlackMark+ workflow

Key Benefits

  • Secure – redactions are "burned" into the image to ensure 100% protection.
  • Automatic – BlackMark+ can be configured to automatically review documents and redact defined information.
  • Structured and unstructured documents – BlackMark can process them all!
  • Intuitive interface – for easy administration.
  • Built-in stamps and annotations – quickly and easily add markup to manual redactions.